Rebuilt GBR 438 Sheet Feeder Inserting Systems

We can install a GBR-438 or a GBR-420 Sheet Feeder onto any used or rebuilt Bowe Bell & Howell, Bell & Howell or Mailcrafters Swing-Arm Inserters such as:

  • 6x9
  • 6x12
  • Pinnacle
  • 9x12
  • 10x13

Our Customers can choose what type Folder they want interfaced to the GBR Sheet Feeder.

  • Rebuilt MBO Folder
  • Brand New MB Folder
  • Brand New belt Driven Profold Folder

We can add whatever customized reading or matching System your application requires such as:

  • OMR
  • 3of9
  • 2d
  • Data Glyph
  • OCR etc.

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