Rebuilt CMC Inserter

Listed below is a brief description of our Rebuilding process and Preventative Maintenance programs for CMC Inserters:

  • We Rebuild and make improvements to CMC Feeders at our Plant.
  • We Rebuild and make Improvements to CMC Base Machines at a customers facility
  • We also make hardware and software improvements to the CMC base Inserters.
  • We can install a Custom made Conveyor Ramp that transports the material from the envelope sealer unit to higher Inkjets, Labelers, Tabers, Conveyors etc.
  • By using the customized conveyor an operator’s work environment can be much more ergonomically pleasing enabling them to work at the traditional Equipment height in the USA of 32” to 36” instead of CMC’s 27” to 28” Height.

The benefits our Customers have attained by having us rebuild their CMC Inserters are listed below.

  • Due to the many improvements we make to the CMC, productivity is significantly improved.
  • Mean time between failures is significantly reduced.
  • Parts longevity is significantly increased.
  • Operator satisfaction is improved due to much less stopping and downtime.

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