Rebuilt 9x12

Our Rebuilds will include the following:

  • Complete Rebuild from frame up
  • Steam clean entire machine and parts
  • Replacement of all chains including envelope and insert pusher chains
  • Replace all worn sprockets
  • Replace all bushings in front table
  • Replace all worn shafts
  • Replace all worn parts
  • Install square shaft for table drive
  • Replace all worn cams
  • Replace all cam followers
  • Install new lower pusher pin chain stabilizers
  • Install new insert pusher pin chain raceway
  • Re-Blacken all existing parts
  • Rebuild Vacuum pumps (any old style pumps will be replaced with new pumps)
  • Replace Main Drive motor with a motor, inverter, dynamic break and controller
  • New 4 bar upper sucker bar assembly (when needed)
  • New operator switch assemblies
  • New larger capacity water tank for envelope sealing unit
  • Operator covers with cover safety switches over
  • Gripper arms insert plate area
  • Right hand end section
  • Install square shaft for table drive
  • Install new variable speed AC drive

Contact Us

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