Rebuilding Division

Rebuilding can dramatically increase the production of your company's old Inserters, significantly reduce parts usage and minimize downtime. 

For less than 40% of the cost of a new inserter our rebuilds will increase your company's bottom line by reducing costs and improving productivity.

  • Improved productivity reduces Labor Costs
  • Minimized downtime reduces labor Costs 
  • Reduced Parts usage lower Parts Costs

We sell the following rebuilt equipment and can also rebuild your company's equipment.

  • Bell & Howell Inserters, Pinnacles, Mailstar 775/500's, Master Mailers, AIM's
  • CMC Inserters and Feeders  
  • Mailcrafters Inserters
  • GBR Products

In addition, we can upgrade your company's existing Inserter to a GBR Sheet Fed System with one of 3 Folder choices, GBR MB, Belt Driven Profold or a rebuilt MBO.

We offer tremendous value and quality to our customers.

Our premier Rebuilding Operation is currently managed by former Bowe Bell & Howell Employees who were supervisors at BB&H’s current Rebuilding Center.

 You will find tremendous value in the quality of the work we do. The unique cost saving upgrades we add to an inserter during our Rebuilding process will significantly reduce Costs and Improve Productivity.

Contact Us

For more information about this product or any of our available used and rebuilt equipment, call us at (609) 472-0888 or email