"Finally, I found an inexpensive remanufactured Digital Postage Meter Ink Cartridge that works flawlessly! And Equipment Providers' Ink Cartridges do not damage a Digital Mailing System or affect the machine's warranty or maintenance agreement! Nordis Direct has over 20 years in the mailing industry and ranks among the top direct marketers in the Southeast region, so based on our years of experience, we can say with authority that we are thrilled with the quality and substantial savings of these Digital Meter Ink Cartridges!"

- Mike Rosini, Vice President of Operations, Nordis Direct

“I have been using Equipment Providers services for many years and find them extremely effective in helping me control costs. First, when I heard about the remanufactured ink cartridges I was apprehensive. However, I found the performance of the remanufactured ink impressive! No headaches, they buy back the empty cartridges, and Equipment Providers continues to supply excellent service.”

- Ed Horwitz, Chief Operating Officer, PSC Information Group

“We tested the product and I didn’t notice a difference between the new Pitney Bowes ink and the remanufactured ink cartridges, they worked the same. We feel your product is of exceptional quality.  It’s an environmentally friendly green product that recycles our empty cartridges.”

- Rob Herman, Owner, North American Communications

“You folks have hit a home run with your remanufactured ink cartridges. Last Friday my Plant Supervisor gave me the empty sample cartridge and was very pleased with the way it performed. Thank you for having a quality product as many others have not been able to duplicate.”

- Tom Webster, Plant Manager-Roanoke Division, BMS Direct

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