About Us

My Name is Ed Phillips and I would like to introduce myself as the owner of EP Solutions. My associates and I have over 100 years of Sales, Service and Manufacturing experience working for Bowe Bell & Howell, Pitney Bowes and Oce Printing Systems.

We sell Rebuilt, Refurbished or As Is Equipment to the following Industries:

  • Insurance Companies
  • FullFillment Companies
  • Brokerage  Firms
  • PreSort Bureaus
  • Service Bureaus
  • Direct Mailers
  • Data Centers
  • Printers
  • Banks
  • And More

We Buy and Sell the Following Equipment

  • Laser Printers - Oce, IBM, Xerox, Nipson, and others
  • Pre and Post Equipment - ESP, Roll Systems, Hunkler, Stralfors etc.
  • Inserters - Bowe, Bell & Howell, Pitney Bowes, Kern etc
  • Mail Sorters - Bowe, Bell & Howell, Electrocom, PTI, Opex, NPI etc
  • GBR Products - 420-T Smart Feeder, 438 Smart Feeder, etc
  • Inkjets - MCS, Secap, Buskto
  • Tabbers - MCS, Secap, Buskto
  • Folders - MBO, Baum. Stahl, MB
  • Cutters - Bowe, Speedo, Technau, Cem, Bell & Howell

We Rebuild or Refurbish Swing Arm and CMC Inserters

  • All Bell & Howell and Bowe Bell & Howell Inserting Systems
  • CMC  Inserters
  • Mailcrafters Inserters
  • GBR Products
  • Upgrade your Company's existing Inserter to a GBR sheet-feeder system with one of 3 Folders-GBR MB, Belt Drive Profold or a Rebuilt MBO
  • B&H Pinnacles
  • CMC Inserters
  • GBR 438 Sheet Feeder Inserting Systems

Our Rebuilding Division is managed by a former Bowe Bell & Howell Employee who opened and managed Bowe Bell & Howells current rebuilding center for 7 years.

You will find tremendous value in the quality of the work we do. The unique cost saving upgrades we add to a inserter during our Rebuilding process will significantly lower parts costs, minimize downtime and improve productivity.

We offer BB&H and CMC Inserting Services

  • We provide Service/Maintenance contracts for Bell & Howell Inserters
  • We provide preventative maintenance on CMC Inserters at your location

We offer IBM, Oce and Nipson Laser Printing Services

  • We consult on ways to significantly reduce your laser printing costs
  • We provide Service contracts for IBM, Oce and Nipsoin Laser Printers
  • We rebuild or refurbish Oce, IBM and Nipson Laser Printers
  • We rebuild or refurbish Pre/Post Equipment

We also sell the following New Equipment

  • GBR
  • Profold
  • Technau
  • Secap
  • And Others

Thanks for taking the time to consider our Products and Services.